Cracked Drywall: Causes and Repair

cracked drywall

Few things reduce your home or business’s interior appearance more than cracked drywall. Drywall cracks can transform a beautiful room into an unsightly space that distracts guests from your home’s best features. Unfortunately, many Lincoln, CA, homeowners don’t know what causes drywall cracks or how to repair them once they take hold.

That’s why Honest Lee Handyman Services developed a guide to teach you what causes cracked drywall and how to repair it swiftly and efficiently.

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What Causes Drywall Cracks?

Drywall cracks form for various reasons. Some develop due to improper installation, while others stem from sudden temperature changes. Understanding the primary causes of drywall cracks will help you prevent them from tarnishing your property’s interior, ensuring it looks its best for years to come.

Below are the primary causes of drywall cracks.

Structural Issues

Cracked drywall often indicates structural problems that require immediate attention. It’s an early sign of foundation settlement that typically worsens over time. If you don’t address foundation settlement swiftly, the drywall cracks will grow and eventually jeopardize your home’s entire structure.

Foundation settlement occurs when part of your home’s structure sinks downward due to shifting or expanding soil. As the soil shifts, a portion of your home descends while the rest remains stable, causing cracks within the drywall. Contractors often call the process home settling.

Foundation settlement is very serious and requires professional services to resolve. Always contact an experienced contractor if you believe your home suffers from foundation settlement.

Frame deterioration can also cause your drywall to crack, but it isn’t as severe as foundation settlement (although it’s still serious). Structural rot and pest damage are the primary culprits of frame deterioration, although other factors can accelerate deterioration as well.

Fluctuations in Temperature and Humidity

Fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels can take a toll on drywall over time. Drywall often expands in warmer climates and contracts when the temperature drops, causing hairline cracks along the surface. Excess humidity can escalate the issue and even accelerate the process.

Poor Installation or Drywall

Having experienced contractors install drywall is essential to prevent drywall cracks. Improper installation can increase the chances of cracking and other issues that require expensive drywall repairs.

Also, poor-quality drywall is more prone to cracking due to weak bonding between the layers. Always ensure you install first-rate drywall to make sure it withstands the test of time and won’t suffer cracks during fluctuating weather conditions.

How to Repair Drywall

Although drywall cracks can significantly reduce your home’s interior appeal, you can fix them with common supplies from your local home improvement store. Before making repairs, purchase the following tools and materials:

  • Drywall mesh tape
  • A joint compound
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint

Once you have your tools and materials, follow the steps below to make troublesome drywall cracks a thing of the past.

Step One: Prep the Drywall

Start by placing the drywall mesh tape over the crack. Use the joint compound to cover the mesh tape and give it time to dry.

Step Two: Sand the Area

Once the joint compound dries, use sandpaper to smooth ridges and excess joint compound. You want to make everything as smooth as possible to ensure an optimal final product. After sanding, administer a second joint compound and drywall mesh tape layer for enhanced durability and an even finish.

Give the second layer time to dry before moving forward.

Also, it’s important to note that you need to completely cover the drywall mesh tape with the joint compound. The compound also shouldn’t have cracks or gaps along the surface to ensure superior results.

Step Three: Paint

After the second joint compound layer dries, sand it to smooth everything out. Remove any particles from the space and paint the area to restore your home’s interior appearance.

How to Prevent Drywall Cracks from Returning

It’s easy to forget about cracked drywall after patching it. However, sometimes cracks can return and create an even bigger fissure that diminishes your home’s allure and structural integrity. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent cracks from returning.

When making repairs, use a lightweight joint compound to prevent it from separating from the drywall later on. Standard joint compounds are too hard and are more prone to separation, causing you to re-repair the crack.

You can also use fiberglass mesh joint tape to prevent separation and reinforce the structure. It’s stronger than traditional drywall tape, making it ideal for DIY repairs.

Installing a few drywall anchors to hold the wall in place will also prevent returning cracks. Drywall anchors will keep the wall in position and even increase its durability. After completing the repairs, install a drywall anchor over the affected area to ensure the crack won’t return.

However, hiring a professional handyman to repair drywall cracks is the best way to prevent future damage. 

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