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Gutter cleaning is an important, and often neglected, home maintenance task that should be done a couple times every year. Why is gutter cleaning so important? Continue reading to find out, or get an estimate if you’d like to schedule a time for our professionals to clean your gutters.

Honest Lee Handyman Explains the importance of gutter cleaning

Expert Gutter Cleaning Service in Roseville and Surrounding Areas

You might have encountered the age-old joke on a television program. One spouse prepares to relax in their favorite chair with a refreshing beverage. The other spouse reminds them to clean the gutters.

You probably find the punchline funny until you’re the punchline. But with Honest Lee Handyman Services, you just have to call us or request an estimate on our gutter cleaning services. You can get back to your relaxing weekend while we handle the rest.

Why Hire Professionals for Gutter and Roof Cleaning

Your gutter and roof receive direct exposure to outdoor elements throughout the year. Even after installing gutter guards, you can still end up with clogged gutters. When large amounts of debris collect, a garden hose won’t cut through it alone.

Our gutter and roof cleaning services protect your roof, your gutters, and your home’s structural integrity. Forgoing an annual gutter cleaning can cause the following problems:

  • Damage to your home’s foundation
  • A faulty, dangerous gutter system and components
  • Roof damage
  • Increased mold and mildew growth

After installing gutters on your home, schedule our professional gutter cleaning service to protect your property. We specialize in handling the home improvement projects that most homeowners avoid, gutter cleaning included.

What To Expect From Our Gutter Cleaning Process

Before our crew arrives to clean your gutters, we’ll help you choose the best time to schedule the service. We often recommend gutter service during early spring, summer, or sometime in autumn. Storms and the changing seasons result in debris collecting in great quantities throughout the year.

Once you’ve chosen an ideal time, our technicians will visit your property as scheduled. They’ll complete the gutter cleaning process as follows.

  1. First, we’ll perform a full gutter inspection to ensure the safety and integrity of your system.
  2. Next, we’ll set up our equipment, including ladders, hoses, and any tools we might need to complete the job. We also use personal protective equipment to keep our team safe.
  3. We allow a gentle stream of water to run through your gutters to locate any dense blockages.
  4. Our team then removes the debris that causes serious clogs.
  5. We allow a stronger stream of water to run through the gutters, manually removing what the water doesn’t carry out.
  6. We perform a final inspection to ensure our crew thoroughly completes the process.

Before our crew leaves, they’ll collect and remove any fallen debris around your property. After we finish the job, you’ll have effortlessly cleared gutters with no cleanup.

Choose Honest Lee Handyman Services for Your Home

When you choose Honest Lee Handyman Services to clean your gutters, you don’t just enjoy a convenient service and a safer home. You also get a satisfaction guarantee, a one-year workmanship warranty, and a local service provider that cares about your experience. Count on us to arrive on time, inspect your gutters, and provide a free quote.

Call us at (916) 542-1006 or request an online quote to learn more about our gutter cleaning services.

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