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Interior & Exterior Door Installation Services in Roseville 

Doors are essential components of our daily lives, providing us with safety and aesthetic appeal. However, we often fail to maintain them properly as we don’t pay much attention to them. If you notice that your door is damaged, looks outdated, won’t function properly, or you simply need a new door in your house or office, don’t put off requesting a professional door installation service.

Honest Lee Handyman Services provides Rosevilleresidents with second to none door installation services. When it comes to installing doors, our assistance has no limits. Regardless of the type and functionality of a door, you can rest assured that we’ll provide you with the quality service you need.

Wide Range Of Door Installation Services 

When you think of doors, you most probably imagine a front door or a door that separates one room from another. Sure, we do install front or back doors, kitchen and bedroom doors but our door installation services don’t end there!

What else can we do for you? Well, take a look:

  • Sliding Glass Door Installation;
  • Screen Door Installation;
  • Storm Door Installation;
  • French Door Installation;
  • Shower Door Installation;
  • Closet Door Installation; 
  • And more!

Shower Door Installation 

Need a brand new shower door in your newly renovated bathroom or your old one is in desperate need of a replacement? Honest Lee Handyman Services can provide you with shower door installation at incomparable prices. Our team is fully equipped and qualified to work on numerous shower door types. 

Speaking of which, here is a list of shower doors we can set up for you: 

  • Frameless Shower Doors;
  • Framed Shower Doors;
  • Sliding Shower Doors;
  • Hinged Shower Doors;
  • Pivot Shower Doors;
  • Fixed Shower Doors.

Although these are popular choices among most of our customers, we can provide you with a custom shower door installation too. Just let us know what you have in mind and our skillful technicians will make it happen! 

Closet Door Installation 

Closet doors come in all shapes, sizes, and functionalities. Believe us, we’ve seen and worked with them all! If you need a closet door installation, whether replacing the old door or fixing a fresh one, we’re at your service. 

Having a hard time choosing the most suitable closet door for you? This helpful article might make your decision easier. 

Screen Door Installation 

Screen doors are indeed marvelous inventions! They allow us to enjoy a cool breeze from outside while keeping annoying insects outside. So if you decide to install a screen door, you’ll definitely get a kick out of it. Well, of course, if you get a screen door installation service from professionals.

Honest Lee Handyman Services offers a quick and affordable screen door installation service with a quality guarantee! Additionally, if you already have a screen door that is worn out or damaged, we can remove it and install a brand new one in its place. 

Roseville’s Best Window and Door Installers Are At Your Service 

When you’re looking for window and door installers, you may think – anyone can do it! So you go ahead and call the first company that pops up in the Google Search results. That’s where you’re wrong. 

Requesting a service, any service, whether it’s a window installation or a door replacement, involves investing some portion of your money and time. So you need to make sure that your investment is worthwhile.  

Honest Lee Handyman Services has a team of professional window and door installers who are one of the best handyman experts in the Rosevillearea. Why? Let’s look at some of the qualities that make us worth your trust: 

Guaranteed Satisfaction

The first factor everyone looks for in a door installation service is quality, right? Nothing else really matters if your brand new door breaks down after a day or two. So when you request professional assistance for door installation you need to be sure that you’ll be satisfied with the final outcome. 

At Honest Lee Handyman Services, we go above and beyond our call of duty to ensure that we provide you with the service that meets your requirements. Our handymen are superior in tailoring each door installation project to your individual needs and preferences. 

Fair & Honest Prices 

Another essential component that makes up a quality door installation service is price. Oftentimes, you come across over-the-roof rates or hidden fees that are charged only after the technician has completed the job. But neither of these inconveniences is the case with Honest Lee Handyman Services. 

Our window and door installers offer fair and transparent price ranges for the services. When you request our service, we listen to your specific needs and then provide a price quote. Once we arrive at your premises and assess the situation, we tell you the exact rate you will be charged for the door installation service. 

If something comes up during the installation process that requires extra resources on your part, we discuss the matter with you to come up with the most budget-friendly solution. 

Timely Completion

One more essential resource that you invest into the service you request is your time. We’re sure you don’t want some strangers to work on your property without knowing how much they’ll take. Additionally, it can be quite a headache to deal with technicians who don’t complete the door installation within the agreed-upon time. 

At Honest Lee Handyman Services, we respect your time and space. When we take on your door installation project, we’ll tell you the estimated time of completion and most importantly – stick with it! 

Door Replacement & Door Lock Change Services In Roseville

Doors are such inseparable parts of our lives that we often don’t even notice them. But the value of a well-installed and maintained door should never be underestimated, especially when it comes to exterior doors that isolate our properties from the rest of the world. Your safety, security, and even energy efficiency can be at risk if your doors are damaged. And this is where the importance of professional door replacement service comes in! 

Honest Lee Handyman Services offers expert door change services everywhere in and around the Roseville area. We not only replace doors but their hardware as well – If your door locks are malfunctioning, we have got your back! 

Our team will provide you with second-to-none service and the highest quality materials to ensure that your new door and its components serve you for a long time to come. 

We Offer A Plethora Of Door Replacement Services

Honest Lee Handyman Services offers a variety of door replacement services, designed to cater the needs of any customer. We have extensive industry knowledge, which allows us to work on all types of doors, including: 

  • Dutch Doors;
  • French Doors;
  • Bifold Doors;
  • Hinged Doors; 
  • Sliding Doors; 
  • Pocket Doors;
  • Barn Doors; 
  • Pivot Doors;
  • Saloon Doors;
  • Roller Doors.

The list goes on and on! You just name the type of door you have or want to install and we’ll provide you with a tailored approach. 

That’s not all! We are skilled and qualified to work on any door materials, including but not limited to:

  • Wood Doors;
  • Steel Doors;
  • Fiberglass Doors;
  • Aluminum Doors;
  • Glass Doors;
  • Battened and Ledged Doors;
  • Flush Doors.

So there you have it. When it comes to door replacement, Honest Lee Handyman Services is a clear choice! 

If you’re not certain what kind of door you want to get, take a look at Forbes guide that breaks down popular door types and materials.

Replace Screen Door 

Screen doors are indeed great inventions – they keep the insects away from you while you enjoy the fresh breeze from outside. But as with everything in life, screen doors don’t last forever so they may get damaged over time. If you need to replace the screen door in a Roseville area, Honest Lee Handyman Services is at your service! 

Whether you need a sliding or swinging screen door replacement, we are ready to install it for you. 

Replace Door Lock 

A damaged or broken door lock is a problem you should never ignore. Door locks are a cornerstone of every security system as they secure your home or commercial property from unwanted visitors. So you need to replace the door lock as soon as possible if it is worn out and won’t function properly.

Professionals at Honest Lee Handyman Services can replace any door lock for you. It doesn’t matter what type of locks you have installed – we have in-depth knowledge of a variety of locks and can provide you with a hassle-free installation.

Here are some of the popular door lock types we replace daily:

  • Padlocks;
  • Deadbolts;
  • Mortise Locks;
  • Knob Locks;
  • Lever Handle Locks;
  • Cam Locks;
  • Mortise Locks;
  • Euro Profile Cylinders;
  • Wall Mounted Locks.

What’s more, if you need a suggestion regarding which type of lock to purchase, don’t hesitate to ask us! Our team will recommend you the most suitable options for your budget and security needs and provide you with quick installation. 

Replace Sliding Door Lock 

Sliding doors are indeed a popular choice among many Roseville residents. They can add a dash of luxury to any interior, be it a commercial space or residential property. However, sliding doors operate unlike conventional doors and their lock mechanisms are also different. Because of this, when the sliding door lock breaks down, you need to find an experienced professional for replacement. 

Honest Lee Handyman Services won’t let you down when you’re in dire need to replace sliding door lock. We have years of experience working on all kinds of sliding door locks, therefore changing yours swiftly, while ensuring high security and quality won’t be a problem for us!   

Residential & Commercial Screen Door Repair in Roseville

Underestimating the value of a properly functioning door is never a good idea. Doors are inseparable parts of every building – they secure space, ensure isolation, and provide aesthetic appeal. So if your door has been malfunctioning lately or showing signs of wear and tear, you need to request door repair as soon as possible. A timely done professional repair will avert further damage and expenses.

And who better to contact when you’re in need of a door repair service than Honest Lee Handyman Services? We operate everywhere in and around the Roseville area, always ready to come out to your location. We are a team of experienced and skilled handyman who can deal with any door type, regardless of the mechanism and functionality.

Common Signs That You Need A Door Repair

During its time in the business, Honest Lee Handyman Services has faced countless door repair cases. In our experience, the most common issue is postponed repair service. Therefore, it is essential that you identify the signs of door damage at the beginning so that you can get it fixed on time and avoid costly replacements.

Here are some of the widespread door issues that necessitate repair:

  • The door makes noises;
  • Difficulty opening or closing the door;
  • Unstable hinges;
  • Signs of rust and corrosion;
  • Cracks along the edges;
  • Draft of air going through the door when closed;
  • Moisture stuck inside the glass component;
  • The door lock hardware is worn out.

If your door is showing at least one of these symptoms, you need to request a prompt door repair service. Honest Lee Handyman Services is here to provide you with one! We’ll handle the case with the utmost professionalism, ensuring that our service exceeds your expectations.

So What If You Don’t Get A Door Repair Service On Time?

We all live fast-paced lives with little time to relax. We value our time greatly and, because of that, often postpone the well-needed service, such as door repair. Even though we get the situation, putting off fixing the door may cause you the stress you’ve been avoiding – the door may be damaged beyond repair, and you’ll have to invest more time and money in replacement.

Additionally, many don’t know that if your door fails to provide proper isolation, it will increase your utility costs – the door won’t maintain the right temperature, so you’ll have to use the HVAC system more often.

Honest Lee Handyman Services Specializes In All Types Of Door Repair

Honest Lee Handyman Services has been in the business for quite a while now. We’ve been given the opportunity to master door mechanisms and materials of various kinds. With that in mind, when it comes to any door repair requirements, we’re ready and qualified to fulfill your needs.

What About Sliding Glass Door Repair?

Sliding glass doors are a popular choice among Roseville residents. They blend into any design flawlessly and add a luxurious feel to your property. But if it gets damaged, you need to ensure that a credible professional provides you with a sliding door repair. After all, having this type of door installed is not what you call affordable, so you need to partner up with a company that is reliable and experienced in sliding glass door repair.

Honest Lee Handyman Services is always the right choice for Roseville door repair services, including sliding glass doors!

Do You Provide Screen Door Repair Near Me?

Screen doors are an excellent option for keeping the insects away while enjoying a fresh breeze from outside. If your screen door is out of shape, and you’re searching desperately for Roseville screen door repair experts, we’re here to help. Honest Lee Handyman Services will ensure that your screen door is in its best shape in no time. No matter whether you have a swinging or sliding screen door, we will fix it!

Commercial Door Repair

Our handyman assistance is not limited to residential properties! Honest Lee Handyman Services has a long history of working with local businesses, providing commercial door repair services.

We know that when it comes to requesting service for your commercial property, you need a reliable partner that won’t interfere with your working atmosphere and provide quick and hassle-free service. Honest Lee Handyman Services’s team goes above and beyond its call of duty to ensure that the commercial door repair we provide for you guarantees durability and reliability.

 Need Any Kind Of Door Installed, Replaced, or Repaired? Request Our Assistance Today!

So there you have it! When you’re in need of expert window and door installers in Roseville, you know Honest Lee Handyman Services is ready and available to take on the job! 

Fill out an estimate form for door installation and wait for our response! We will get back to you in no time to discuss further details and provide a service that exceeds your expectations.  

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