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Sheetrock and Drywall Repair Services

Does this sound familiar: You’re trying to hang up a piece of artwork, remove something attached to the wall, or move around furniture, and damage your drywall in the process. When that happens, you can simply patch up the hole with plaster, but this will only worsen the situation. 

It’s best to leave the task to an experienced drywall repair contractor. At Honest Lee Handyman Services, we provide premium drywall repair services in Roseville, CA, and the surrounding areas. 

Whether you’re dealing with small holes, water damage, cracks, or a series of large holes in your drywall, our highly trained and certified technicians will restore your drywall to its pristine condition in no time. 

Our professional team will ensure a smooth and hassle-free sheetrock repair process, and we guarantee an exceptional customer experience and long-term results. Contact us to request your estimate today. 

5 Common Drywall Problems We Repair

Various factors, including leaking pipes, moving furniture, and children playing, can cause drywall damage. Some of the most common types of drywall damage we encounter include:

1. Holes

Holes in drywall usually result from accidental forceful impacts, such as slamming a door open. Pieces of drywall can also come off when you’re removing something attached to the wall, such as wallpaper, tile, or mirror.  The damage may range from a minor puncture to a massive crater, depending on the magnitude of the impact. 

2. Water Damage

This kind of drywall damage often results from leaking pipes and excess condensation forming on your AC system. Drywall exposed to standing water can wick up the wall at one inch per hour in the first 24 hours.

As your drywall absorbs more water, the wall will warp and eventually cause severe structural damage to your home. Besides weakened structural integrity, drywall water damage can also lead to toxic mold and mildew growth if not fixed sooner. 

Musty smells, discoloration, surface cracks, loose drywall tape, and soft drywall are some of the common signs that you have drywall water damage. If the damage is severe and beyond repair, we may recommend a new sheetrock installation.

3. Popping Nails

If not securely set in the center of the joist or stud, nails can sometimes pop through your drywall. Trying to drive the nail back into the nail hole with a hammer can damage the drywall further. It’s best to call our drywall repair experts to fix the problem and ensure lasting results. 

4. Dented Corner Bead

The corner bead is a piece of metal that joins two drywall sheets at a corner. It can sustain dents due to a heavy impact or regular wear and tear, but we can repair or replace your corner beads for a smooth, secure finish.

5. Furniture Scuffs

Unsightly scuff marks from the furniture are another type of drywall damage we fix for our Roseville customers. You can avoid scuff marks by carefully moving items around in your home and placing bigger furniture away from the wall.

Why Choose Our Drywall Repair Experts

Many homeowners repair their drywall for cosmetic reasons. Damaged drywall is often visible and can adversely impact your wall’s overall visual appeal. You may cover the damaged area with a piece of artwork or furniture to save money on repairs, with the national average for repairing drywall being $50 to $80 per square foot or $60 to $100 per hour.

However, the benefits you’ll get from repairing your drywall are worth the cost. Some types of damage, like damp patches and cracks, can result in structural problems that can adversely impact your home’s integrity. 

Even smaller dents or holes need repair sooner than later. Leaving the repairs for later will often make the damage worse, costing you more money in new drywall installation. 

Working with our experienced drywall repair specialists is also critical for many reasons, including: 

  • Expert patching and blending. Your repaired drywall will be noticeable if done incorrectly. Our experienced professionals can patch the drywall and blend it perfectly, ensuring it’s impossible to identify the repaired area.  
  • Texture matching. It can be challenging to match the texture flawlessly when repairing textured drywalls. At Honest Lee Handyman Services, we have the right tools and skills to make the repaired spot look virtually identical to the surrounding wall without the need to re-texture expansive areas. 
  • High-quality materials. Using the wrong patch materials, drywall tape, or joint compound for drywall repair can lead to poor, uninspiring results. Our experienced specialists will evaluate the damaged area and choose the best materials for the job. 
  • Time savings. If you lack skills and experience in drywall repair, it may take considerable time to achieve desirable results. The drywall professionals at Honest Lee Handyman Services can complete the repair job much faster, saving you time and effort while delivering exceptional results. 

Roseville Drywall Repair Experts You Can Trust

When you hire Honest Lee Handyman Services for drywall repair in Roseville, you get high-quality work every time. Our fully licensed and insured team will go the extra mile to exceed your expectations. 

Given the different forms of drywall damage, there’s no one-size-fits-all remedy for the problem. Each damage requires a different repair technique to ensure long-term results and 100% customer satisfaction. For example, for a hole larger than six inches wide, we’ll often cut out the damaged area and install new sheetrock.

At Honest Lee Handyman Services, we’ve earned our hundreds of five-star reviews because we have the expertise and experience to evaluate your drywall damage and determine the right tools, drywall compound, and repair technique necessary to fix the damage safely and effectively. 

If our work doesn’t satisfy your requirements, don’t hesitate to give us a call. One of our friendly technicians will come back to inspect the issues and fix them accordingly. 

Request Your Drywall Repair Service from Honest Lee Handyman Services, Your Neighborhood Handyman Since 2016

If you need reliable repair for your drywall issues, Honest Lee Handyman Services is here to help. From fixing small patches to replacing larger sheetrock sections, we have the skills and equipment to handle all your drywall repair needs. Call us at (916) 542-1006 or request an estimate online. 

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