Who We Are

Honest Lee Handyman Service LLC. is a company that helps homeowners and businesses get their small repairs done in a timely and efficient manner. We strive for excel in all that we do and have that shine through in our work by providing service with honesty and integrity. We are committed to not only filling needs through top-notch home repairs but also through helping those that do not have a voice in their circumstances. Honest Lee Handyman Service LLC donates 10% of our profits to help free kids out of the sex trade industry. We also donate a portion of our proceeds to help rebuild homes damaged by California wildfires. Our commitment is: If we have a gift and someone has a need we can fill; we do it!


Honest Lee Handyman Service sets itself apart from other companies that offer the same services by the following:

Standards Of Operation

  • Communication: Communication is key, Err on the side of over-communication
  • Timeliness: (If you’re on time you’re late; if you’re early you’re on time) if we are running behind we strive to let the customer know we are running late and give them an approximate ETA, notify the customer at least 30 minutes before the scheduled appointment time.
  • Orderliness: Have what we need when we need
  • Honesty: We pledge to be honest about all. This includes being honest about and presenting quicker, more cost-effective solutions to the customer’s issues.
  • Integrity: We are who we are and do the right thing even when no one is watching.
  • Initiation: We take charge and do what needs to be done.
  • True to our word: If we say we are going to do something, we do it; even if it means losing time or money.
  • Code followers: While others may cut corners to save time or cost, we stick by the building codes to the best of our abilities. 
  • Respect: The customer may not always be right but we always treat them as if they (respect customers time, their home, their family, and their opinions)
  • Cleanliness: We strive to leave the job site cleaner than when we found it. Having the proper clean-up tools is essential. (broom, vacuum, rags, etc.)
  • Ability: We are honest about our abilities, if we do not feel comfortable about completing a job we are upfront with the customer. 
  • Professionalism: We strive to look and talk professionally at all times. This includes wearing the provided uniform which consists of clean, grey or black logoed polo, having an orderly service truck, using appropriate language around customers (no profanity), and no smoking on or around job.
  • Team Players: We understand that we all have different strengths and weaknesses and we reach out to others in times of need. (True wisdom is not having all the answers but knowing where to find the answers.)
  • Clean CutWe strive to be professional in all things, all employees of Honest Lee Handyman are required to be clean-shaven and have hair styled in a professional manner.)

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