How To Hire a Handyman in Lincoln, CA

how to hire a handyman

Whether you own a home or a business, you will inevitably need repair services from reputable professionals. Your local handyman offers a single point of contact for most or all of your typical repair services. Learning how to hire a handyman requires thorough research and vetting. 

As a reliable handyman in Lincoln, CA, Allen Lee of Honest Lee Handyman offers tips to help you choose the safest, most reputable handyman service. Below, you’ll discover how to select a handyman who best fits your service needs while protecting your property from mishaps or dangerous people. 

How To Hire a Handyman: Prep Work

Your service quote depends on what you need. One handyman service will offer an hourly rate, while another may quote a price based on the job. Consider the scope of your project or tasks before contacting your candidates. 

You’ll save time and energy while getting more comprehensive information about your project. Draft a to-do list featuring each service you need. If you need professional assistance with a home improvement project, consider the tasks requiring specific skill sets and write them down. Once you understand your service scope, you’ll set yourself and handyman up for better communication. 

#1 Create a Shortlist of Candidates

First, use a search engine to find local handymen offering the services you need. Carefully research the services each handyman offers. Some companies offer various plumbing, electrical, and HVAC services. Others provide one-on-one assistance with outdoor projects like gardening and landscaping. Still others can help with odd tasks like kitchen and closet organization and upgrades. 

Identify three to five candidates who best fit your needs. For example, you want a candidate who does some of everything as your main point of contact for odd jobs. Choose people who specialize in service areas like plumbing or electrical work and have the licenses to prove it. 

#2 Explore Their Digital Footprint

Shoppers learn more information about brands, businesses, and service providers online. Handyman services are no different. Reputable, longstanding services should have an updated, operational website with the following information readily available:

  • Contact details
  • Listed qualifications
  • Testimonials from satisfied customers
  • How they protect their work and your property with a satisfaction guarantee or warranty
  • Extensive descriptions of the various services they provide

Their digital brand should accurately reflect who the company is and what they do.

Additionally, you should peruse social media and Google reviews for an idea of their customers’ experience. Read the most recent, worst, and best reviews for an accurate reflection of what to expect. 

#3 Screen the Candidates

Do your candidates’ digital footprints appear satisfactory? If so, begin the screening process. Contact each candidate and ask them the following questions:

  • Do you vet your contractors with background checks?
  • Can you share photos of completed projects similar to mine?
  • Do you provide each client with a hard copy of their contract agreement?
  • How do you take payment? 
  • How do you charge for services?
  • Will you offer a detailed project scope and itinerary? 
  • How do you guarantee your work? 

Their answers will demonstrate their commitment to documentation, fair prices, and maintaining open lines of communication with customers. You can also ask more in-depth questions to verify experience, service range, and other factors. 

#4 Check for References

A customer needs to know about other customer experiences in detail. Request a few references and contact them regarding their experience. A previous customer won’t censor themselves during a private conversation as much as they would online or in the presence of the service provider. From speaking with former customers, you’ll get an accurate idea of how your candidates treat customers, employees, and others’ properties. 

#5 Ask About Licenses and Insurance Coverage

Only a licensed handyman should perform services like plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and assistance with some construction or landscaping projects. Most states and municipalities require that certified contractors obtain permits for such work. The above service examples will affect people and buildings beyond your property, including public infrastructures. 

All handymen should have insurance coverage to protect their business operations, staff, and customers from any damages or injuries incurred during a service. Although reputable handymen avoid such catastrophes at all costs, accidents happen. Without insurance, you gamble your property value, appliance warranties, and other pertinent investments. 

#6 Compare Pricing

Most service providers offer consultations with free estimates on the service requested. Ask each remaining candidate for a quote on your project or to-do list. The handyman who best matches your needs and offers the most competitive pricing wins. You’ve successfully learned how to hire a handyman! 

#7 Sign a Contract With Your Preferred Candidate

The best candidate should:

  • Possess the necessary qualifications, licenses, and insurance coverage to complete the service safely
  • Provide references when asked
  • Be able to demonstrate their experience with similar projects
  • Offer competitive pricing compared to other candidates
  • Have an extensive digital footprint demonstrating their longstanding business 
  • Answer your questions truthfully with in-depth responses 
  • Supply you with hard copies of all contracts and project scopes

Do they check each prerequisite? If so, you’ve found the perfect handyman match.

What To Avoid

You now know what to seek in an ideal handyman service. But what should you avoid?

  • Stay away from door-to-door handymen. More often than not, these people want to make a quick buck and lack the skills needed to do a thorough job. 
  • Avoid service providers without the tools for the job, especially if they ask to use your equipment. Your tools are uninsured. Reputable handymen purchase and insure their supplies. 
  • Check expiration dates on all certifications, licenses, and insurance proofs. Don’t hire a handyman with expired documents. 
  • Do customer reviews indicate that the handyman lacks respect for others’ property? Believe them! Numerous negative reviews indicate unskilled work and a lack of care. 
  • Reliable handymen back their work with warranties or guarantees. A handyman service offering no protection can’t vouch for the completed work. 

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