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Honest Lee Handyman Services is the highest rated Rancho Cordova Handyman, and we have the tools and experience to tackle all your home projects!

Our minimum job charge is $324, so we work best with “honey-do lists” of multiple tasks that need completed.

Have a quick job, but not sure what else could be done? We offer a complimentary 20-point home maintenance inspection at no charge. Give us a call or fill out an online estimate request, and we’ll make sure you and your home are taken care of!

You can find our list of services below. If you need something done that’s not listed, go ahead and reach out and we’ll see if we can help.

Honest Lee Handyman Services LLC is required by California law to state that we do not have a general contractors license. We are a fully insured handyman company and maintain necessary business licensing in the communities we serve.

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Rancho Cordova handyman services

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When you Choose Honest Lee Handyman Services, We will:

Treat your home, like it's our home

We use high quality materials and tools, our technicians wear boot covers to keep your home clean, and we clean up the worksite before leaving.

Save you time and bring peace of mind

We back-up all our repairs with a one year warranty, and are a fully insured handyman company. Home repairs are our profession, and you'll be saving countless hours for jobs we can complete in less than a day!

bring hope to our neighbors in need

Honest Lee Handyman Services donates 10% of our profit to free children in the sex trade, and also rebuild homes destroyed by California wildfires.

Rancho Cordova Handyman Services

built on honesty and integrity

your neighborhood handyman since 2016!

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Do you know what a Rancho Cordova Handyman can do for your home? Learn more about Honest Lee Handyman Services and why you can depend on your local handyman for many of your home improvement needs.

Reliable Rancho Cordova Handyman Services

You rely on your home to provide safe shelter for your family and belongings, but it also depends on you to arrange capable maintenance and repairs. Handyman services help you maintain and repair structures in and around the house and provide installations to update your favorite features, including:

  • Garbage disposals
  • Dishwashers
  • Light fixtures
  • Outlets
  • And more!

At Honest Lee Handyman Services, we offer a wide variety of skills that help you handle all of the tedious tasks that end up on your “honey-do list” without waiting for your honey to have enough time to tackle it themselves. Explore some of the most common services we provide in Rancho Cordova, CA, or give us a call and let us know what we can do for you.

Attic Ladder Installation in Rancho Cordova

Is your attic ladder looking outdated, broken, or jammed in position? If your attic lacks a sturdy and easily accessible ladder, our team can install a new one to help you reach your storage space safely and easily. Attic ladder installation is a breeze with our extensive experience in home improvement.

Rancho Cordova Appliance Installation

You rely on numerous modern household appliances to make everyday chores fast and easy. When these helpful tools begin to act strangely or stop working altogether, it’s a huge hassle that takes time out of your day and can put you off schedule.

At Honest Lee Handyman Services, we can install new appliances for you to get your daily life back on track.

Dryer Vent Cleaning in Rancho Cordova

This is one household maintenance task that is easy to forget about as a busy homeowner, but did you know that it is vital to keep your dryer vent clean and free of debris? Remnants of lint and other small bits that slip past the filter can become a hazardous clog over time.

Your local Rancho Cordova handyman will do the dirty work of removing all the remaining lint and litter that can damage your dryer and cause harm to your home. This necessary service helps protect your home and loved ones.

Rancho Cordova Fence Repair

Having a fence around your home is part of the American dream, and you want your fence to be strong, effective, and aesthetically pleasing. Your fence provides protection and privacy with the help of skilled maintenance and repair services.

A beautiful fence can improve your curb appeal, but when the materials degrade over time, your fence might drag down your home’s value and appearance in addition to your safety. Local Rancho Cordova fence repair will fix loose and fallen parts. Our skilled fence repair service restores the integrity and visual appeal of your property’s fencing.

Gate Repair in Rancho Cordova

The gates that lead into your home can make an impressive statement. You want your gate to be strong, stay on track, and function on demand. After years of dependable service, your gate might begin to have troubles.

Aging, sagging, and rusting entry gates can become unsightly or stuck in place. If you notice any of these issues, your fence gate is ready for high-quality care. Our Rancho Cordova handyman gate repair service will take care of the problem, ensuring your gate can open, close, and lock for your peace of mind.

Rancho Cordova Drywall Repair

Did you discover an area on a wall that indicates water damage, like weak areas that have a mildewy scent? Or did you find a deep scuff in the wall after moving a heavy piece of furniture and need to repair it with a simple surface patch and new paint?

Drywall damage is more than unsightly; it can attract pests, debris, and moisture. Bring in a reliable Rancho Cordova drywall repair handyman for all your drywall repair needs.

Gutter Cleaning in Rancho Cordova

Is it past time to clean out leaves and debris from your gutters? You might notice clogged gutter drains, slow outlet flow, or water spilling over the edge of the gutter itself. Those clogged gutters can lead to water damage around the edge of your roof and contribute to soil erosion around your home.

Let our experienced crew handle the heavy ladders, dangerous climbing, and dirty work with our gutter cleaning services. We take care of everything safely, efficiently, and courteously, including cleaning the work area before we leave your property because we treat your home as if it were our own.

Rancho Cordova TV Mounting

Rearranging or remodeling your living room might also mean moving or installing a new TV mount on the wall. You can relax while our team handles details like finding wall studs and hiding unsightly cables and wires.

When you are ready to move or install a new TV in your entertainment areas, you can rely on our Rancho Cordova TV mounting services. Our crew can quickly determine the best solutions to ensure your system is safely and securely in place.

Find a Dependable Handyman in Rancho Cordova

From installing a new light fixture to handling a wide selection of interior and exterior problems, our handyman services will handle household hassles for you quickly and courteously. If your home maintenance list is getting out of hand, it’s time to allow our team to take care of every task.

At Honest Lee Handyman Services, we take our profession seriously, putting customer service, integrity, and high-quality craftsmanship a vital part of our home project process. Our crew has the training and tools to make a lasting difference you will love for years to come.

Learn more about the handyman work we provide and how you can finish your to-do list faster than you might think. Hire your local, reliable Rancho Cordova handyman by calling Honest Lee Handyman Services at (916) 542-1006.

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