Can a Handyman Install Recessed Lighting?

can a handyman install recessed lighting

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Recessed lighting is a stylish solution for homeowners who are short on space or want to create an ambient atmosphere in certain rooms. If you’re looking to change out bulky light fixtures with recessed lighting, also known as pot lights, it’s important to know which professional to call. Will you need to contact an electrician, or can a handyman install recessed lighting?

This guide will explain the benefits of recessed lighting, the installation process, and which experts are qualified for the job. Lincoln’s trusted handyman reveals how you should proceed with this process below. 

Why Choose Recessed Lighting?

Countless homeowners are opting for this lighting option because of its sleek design and convenience. Recessed lighting is a popular option for anyone looking to free up space in their home without compromising comfort. This style refers to special pot bulbs that screw into openings in your ceiling and create a downlighting effect. 

If you have a small home, upgrading to this option can make small spaces feel bigger and give you more room. Unlike bathrooms and kitchens that have vanity and overhead lighting, bedrooms and living rooms typically need lamps as a primary source of light, but one lamp may not provide enough light for the entire room. Unfortunately, the more lamps you need, the less space you have for other furniture and belongings. 

Recessed lighting is an excellent option if you’re looking to make your home feel more spacious and cozy. Install energy-efficient LED light bulbs into the ceiling to reap even more benefits. 

Can a Handyman Install Recessed Lighting?

The exact qualifications of a handyman will vary, so it’s important to confirm their services before hiring one. Some handymen repair damaged structures in your home and handle small installation projects but might not have experience or training with home electrical systems. Experts recommend doing thorough research before hiring a handyman and assessing their qualifications in the following areas:

  • Overall electrical knowledge: If a handyman says their most popular services include electrical work, it’s a good sign they know what they’re doing and others trust their expertise. 
  • Experience with lighting installation: Some handymen have extensive electrical knowledge but don’t typically install new fixtures such as recessed lighting. Try to find a contractor with previous installation work. 
  • Tools and equipment: Installing recessed lighting requires special tools and equipment that contractors must carry. They should have basic training and experience with this equipment and follow strict safety protocols when using them. 

In many cases, a handyman can equip your home with recessed lighting. Get some insight into their experience before hiring them, such as looking at galleries of their finished projects and reading customer reviews. 

How a Handyman Installs Recessed Lighting

How can a handyman install recessed lighting in your home? The installation process varies between different homes and electrical systems. It begins by assessing the ceiling’s material and access to electrical wiring. These components can make the project a bit more challenging, but an experienced handyman can handle it with ease. 

For example, adding recessed lighting to a finished ceiling isn’t as easy as the alternative. Professionals need to navigate the material, plus any insulation that is within the ceiling. Using special equipment like a stud finder or fish tape may be necessary to install new lighting with limited ceiling access. 

Once a handyman maps out where each light will go in the ceiling, they’ll locate the existing wires and configure them to accommodate new lighting fixtures. This part of the process calls for strict safety protocols and precision since the finished work needs to abide by all local electrical codes. The entire project can take a few hours or days, depending on the complexity of the wiring, ceiling access, number of lights, and more. 

Where Can a Handyman Install Recessed Lighting?

Do you have lamps and outdated overhead light fixtures throughout your home? Consider replacing them with recessed lighting to give each space a fresh, new look. A handyman can install pot lights in several rooms throughout the home, including:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Living rooms
  • Bedrooms

During a consultation, they will be able to tell you if the space can accommodate recessed lighting. Certain parts of the home may pose challenges for installation depending on the size of the space and the location of the lights and electrical wiring. 

Hiring a Handyman Vs. Electrician: Which Is Better?

Now that you know the ins and outs of recessed lighting, you might be wondering whether a handyman or electrician is best for the job. Both professionals have their advantages, but you need to weigh your needs and make a decision that’s best for you. 

Projects that are more complex and require extensive adjustments to the electrical wiring may take more time for a handyman to complete compared to an electrician. However, hiring a local handyman for simple installations guarantees a home transformation you’ll love. 

Not only can a handyman install recessed lighting, but they also tackle other home projects, such as:

  • Gutter cleaning
  • Fence repair
  • TV mounting
  • Drywall repair
  • Property maintenance
  • Toilet repair and replacement

If you have a long list of home improvement projects you want to accomplish, hiring a handyman is a great way to check off several tasks at once. They can install recessed lighting and take care of other projects, so you won’t have to schedule services through multiple companies or contractors. 

Improve Your Home’s Electrical System with Help from a Professional Handyman

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